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Customers can shop at more than 400 Wal-Mart stores across the country.

🇨🇳This card is available only in China

Total Value: CNY 200

approximately 336.898976836 EVER

Redeem instructions: 1. 本卡可在售卡的沃尔玛商场(含沃尔玛购物广场、山姆会员店、沃尔玛惠选超市、沃尔玛社区店,下同)及特约的沃尔玛商场自营区域使用。特约的沃尔玛商场名单请咨询沃尔玛商场;
2. 本卡为不记名卡、不挂失、无密码;
3. 有效期三年,若超过有效期,请拨打4000888400进行延期或咨询沃尔玛商场服务台;
4. 持本卡在沃尔玛商场消费时不再重复开具发票;
5. 持本卡在山姆会员店消费时须与山姆会员店会员卡同时使用;
6. 其他相关事宜,详见沃尔玛商场公示的《沃尔玛GIFT卡章程》
1. This card could be used in the Wal-Mart store (including Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, and the Wal-Mart), and the exclusive Wal-Mart store. Please consult the Wal-Mart store for a list of special Wal-Mart stores;
2. This card is an unregistered card, no loss reported, no password;
3. The validity period is three years. If it exceeds the validity period, please call 4000888400 for extension or consult the Wal-Mart store service desk;
4. Do not repeat the invoice when using this card at Wal-Mart stores;
5. This card must be used in conjunction with the Sam Club member membership card when it is consumed at the Sam's Club.
6. For other related matters, please refer to the Wal-Mart GIFT Card Regulations published by Wal-Mart Stores
1. 打开“沃尔玛卡包”小程序,点击“绑卡”
2. 输入卡号卡密,点击“提交”即可绑定成功
3. 点击“线下付款”,出示付款码给收银员即可
1. Open the mini program of "沃尔玛卡包" on wechat, and click "绑卡"
2. Enter the card number and Pin code, then click "提交" to bind successfully
3. Click "线下支付" and show the payment code to the cashier when check out.

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