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Tmall Mart CN

Tmall online supermarket offers everyday essentials to customers. Anywhere, anytime, all your need in daily life is just a click away.

🇨🇳This card is available only in China

Total Value: CNY 200

approximately 520.921575536 EVER

Redeem instructions: 1.访问天猫超市礼品卡页面https://chaoshi.tmall.com/gift-card.htm 2.登录常用的淘宝账号 3.输入卡号及密码绑定 4.选择产品,使用余额,完成订单
1.Visit Tmall online supermarket gift card page: https://chaoshi.tmall.com/gift-card.htm. 2.Log into your Taobao account. 3.Input card number and PIN.
4.Make payment with your Tmall Xiangtaoka at check out.

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