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RedDoorz ID

RedDoorz ID

RedDoorz is a Singapore-based hotel company and hospitality brand that operates in Southeast Asia. The company aggregates existing budget hotels, offers staff training, provides access to digital services, and rebrands the hotels as RedDoorz. It was founded in 2015 and, as of October 2019, it maintains 1,500 properties over 100 cities across Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

🇮🇩This card is available only in Indonesia

Total Value: IDR 250000

approximately 442.2725238 EVER

Redeem instructions: "1. Buka aplikasi RedDoorz dan pilih kamar yang ingin Anda pesan.
2. Masukkan 16 kode Gift Card + 6 kode PIN di halaman ringkasan pemesanan sebelum melanjutkan ke pembayaran. Jumlah tersebut akan berkurang secara otomatis sesuai dengan nominal Gift Card.
3. Selesaikan pembayaran jika masih ada sisa pembayaran
1. Open RedDoorz apps and choose the room you want to book.
2. Key In 16 Gift Card code + 6 digit PIN Code in the booking summary page before proceed to the payment. The amount will reduced automatically according on Gift Card nominal.
3. Finish the payment if there are any remaining amount to pay."

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