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Le Gift Card OVS sono utilizzabili per acquisti in tutti i punti vendita OVS aderenti situati in Italia.

🇮🇹This card is available only in Italy

Total Value: EUR 25

approximately 417.641690165 EVER

Redeem instructions: IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS 1. The OVS Gift Cards (Vouchers) expire and is spendable in one single solution and can therefore be used for a single purchase on a minimum gift card (voucher) value equal to the Gift Cards (Vouchers) face value until it is fully depleted and will not be used to purchase another Gift Cards (Vouchers) OVS. 2. Gift Cards (Vouchers) are equivalent to cash: in the event of loss, theft or damage the card can not be blocked, redeemed or replaced. 3. No liability can be attributed to OVS for any misuse or fraudulent use of the Gift Cards (Vouchers).
4. If the initial value is insufficient to purchase the items you want, the missing amount will have to be paid in cash or by using the other payment methods accepted by OVS. Warning: up to 8 Gift Cards (Vouchers) can be used at a single receipt at a time. HOW TO REDEEM?
1. Redeem voucher at https://www.ovsfashion.com/

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