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Hepsiburada TR

Hepsiburada.com is a shopping site operating only on the Internet since 1998, receives more than 100 million monthly visits.

🇹🇷This card is available only in Turkey

Total Value: TRY 500

approximately 649.675899062 EVER

Redeem instructions: • Codes can be used in all categories except chipgold, jewelry, digital products, gold and other gold products.

• Only 1 (one) gift card can be used in an order created in Hepsiburada. When multiple gift cards are purchased, these gift cards cannot be combined into a single order.

• The digital code can be used as a whole in one order or in parts for several orders. For example, when a 200 TL order is created with a 500 TL gift card, the remaining 300 TL is automatically assigned to the account that used the first card with a different gift card code. The person can use this card for any purchase he wishes, again in parts. In this way, the remaining balance is automatically followed up with different gift cards in the customer's account.

• Gift cards appear to the user as a discount over the last basket amount. For example, if you want to use your gift card on a product with a discounted price of 150 TL in your shopping for a product with a price of 200 TL, your gift card over 150 TL will appear as a discount. In this way, you can benefit from the current discounts and campaigns on all orders created with a gift card code.

• Gift cards can be used for product purchases made through the Hepsiburada website and mobile application, cannot be used or requested otherwise.

• Usage requires an Hepsiburada account and internet access. • No refunds, reloads, redeemables, or sale for value, except in cases where it is required by law.

• A new gift card cannot be requested for the re-activation of expired and unusable checks and for the unused gift card amount.

• All responsibility belongs to the user in case of loss, theft, destruction, use contrary to the terms of use or the legislation and unauthorized use of the gift card by third parties.

• When the codes are tried and checked in a Hepsiburada account, they are uploaded to that account and cannot be used in a different account. For this reason, it should not be tried on the account where the codes will not be used.

• Codes are assigned to the first account they are used with and cannot be shared with another account. For example, it is not possible to use 150 TL of a 250 TL code in one account and 100 TL in another account.

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