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You can now give the gift of convenience with the 7-Eleven electronic gift card! The value of the gift card will be credited into your CLIQQ mobile wallet which can be used to pay for physical goods at any 7-Eleven and earn points as you spend. You can also click on select products in CLiQQ Shop through the app and pick-up your products at your selected 7-Eleven.

🇵🇭This card is available only in Philippines

Total Value: PHP 1000

approximately 211.192217861 EVER

Redeem instructions: Go to www.cliqq.net/app/ to download the latest version of the CLiQQ Mobile App.\r\n\tLog in to the app with your mobile number, enter the verification code sent via SMS and agree to the terms and conditions.\r\n\tTo activate CLiQQ Wallet, click Open Wallet ; Enter Email Address & Create a PIN. To load the value of the GIft Card to CLiQQ Wallet, click Load Wallet ; Redeem Code ; and Type in the Redemption Code.You can use your CLiQQ Wallet to pay for any merchandise inside any 7 Eleven store nationwide by opening the CLiQQ app and click Open Wallet&Buy 7 Eleven, Enter Pin, then cashier will scan the barcode. Done!

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